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The employee responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. Sales Planning.

2. Data collection, analysis, validation and cultivation new sales leads to establish business.

3. Team building and leading.

4. Forecasting future business and trucks require to fulfill the requirement.

5. Maintaining existing and securing new business.

6. Maintaining daily, weekly, and monthly visit and performance report of entire branch.

7. Find and Explore the opportunity available in the market.

8. Responsible for complete sales cycle (quotation-follow up-order-shipment-POD submission to accounts-bill submission to the customer-timely payment recovery)

9. Timely payment recovery.

10. Submission of monthly branch P&L statement.

11. Making sure load is available for vehicle coming from other branch as well.

12. Maintaining sales record.

13. After getting order Perform analytical and logistics planning.

14. Placing truck for loading and follow up for unloading at the place of delivery.

15. Co-coordinating with driver, customer and operation team for smooth shipment.

16. Communication with accounts for invoicing.

17. Taking feedback from customer and updating management on the same.

18. Keep eyes on competition, there strategy and update the management on the same.

19. Co-operate and Support company drivers, staff whenever it’s needed.

20. Proactively identify problems and implement effective solutions.

21. Achieve individual, team, and company goals.

22. Grievance handling and problem solving.

23. Interface cross-functionally at all levels within the divisions of the company, including

24. communication with offshore/subsidiary management, external resources and concerns, third party providers and governmental agencies.

Salary:- 12 TO 17 LAC per annum.

Key SkillGood Communication skill Able to work under pressure Should have a good experience in logistic. Good
IndustryLogistics And Supply Chain Management
Experience Required08 - 10 Year
Company NameLogistics And Supply Chain Management
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