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Job TitleInterior Designer
Job Description

• Search for and bid on new projects

• Determine the client’s goals and requirements of the project

• Consider how the space will be used and how people will move through the space

• Sketch preliminary design plans, including electrical layouts

• Specify materials and furnishings, such as lighting, furniture, wall finishes, flooring, and plumbing fixtures

• Prepare final plans, using computer applications

• Create a timeline for the interior design project and estimate project costs

• Place orders for materials and oversee installing the design elements

• Visit after the project to ensure that the client is satisfied Must be a pro in Auto Cad & 3D max Technically sound with designing software (Corel, Illustrator, photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya, Microsoft Office )"

Key Skill(Corel, Illustrator, photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya, Microsoft Office ),good communication skills,
IndustryExhibition Design
LocationNAVI Mumbai
Experience Required02 - 03 Year
Company NameDesign
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